Allyson is a versatile audiobook narrator bringing her acting savvy to every audiobook project. She has a genuine, intriguing & expressive narration style. Authors love working with her for her unflappable approach and versatility. Listeners love her for her captivating and likable narration. With over 100 audiobooks in her portfolio she looks forward to bringing your audiobook to life.


"The first book of the series, Revival, is narrated by the lovely and immensely talented Allyson Voller! Out of everyone I auditioned, Allyson's performance was far and away my favorite. She totally knocked it out of the park! Working with her has been a joy and she did a wonderful job bringing the story to life!"

- Jena Leigh, author

"Allyson Voller gives a fantastic performance. I love her voice in all of her narrations as she really finds the essence of the story and brings it out through her voice... It is a listen of pure enjoyment."

- Audiobook Fascination

"Allyson Voller is a fabulous narrator and voice artist. She does an amazing job portraying the characters, bringing them to life, humanizing them but giving them their own voice and personality, as well as heart and emotions. She sets the perfect tone for the story, includes a dramatic touch in her performance which enhances the great story to another level of greatness. She is a talented and entertaining storyteller and a pleasure to listen to. Thank you for the great listen."

- Bette, Audible Reviewer


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