2023 Sultry Listeners Awards

We audiobook narrators, most often, work solo in our booths. Narrating away and hoping those who listen to our work will enjoy hearing it, as much as we enjoy performing it. Narrators passionately pour ourselves into our work, wearing our hearts on the pages of text we narrate. We want people to love our work as much as we do, and let’s be honest, it doesn’t always happen. But when listeners DO love it and love your work enough to take a moment to nominate their favorite narrators / audiobooks for an award, it’s one of the most humbling, rewarding and exciting milestones we narrators can hope for.

This past week the nominations for the 2023 Sultry Listener Awards were announced. There were almost 500 entries this year! So many wonderful narrators and audiobooks received nominations, it’s quite a talented bunch to say the least. Being recognized for your work, especially work you are passionate about is thrilling. I love narrating audiobooks, collaborating with co-narrators, authors and producers. To be nominated for an award for your audiobook narration voice over work, is a huge honor. I am quite humbled to say, I too, received nominations.

Thank you so much for these nominations, I am blown away!

A big thank you to Viviana, the Enchantress of Audiobooks and The Sultry Listener Awards for organizing everything.

Congratulations to my fellow nominees! I am thrilled for all of you and honored to be in your company.

Congratulations and thank you to the production teams at Pink Flamingo Productions and Podium Audio for making these audiobooks happen. Thank you to authors: Cathleen Cole, Frank Jensen, Neva Altaj and Kelsie Hoss. And thank you to my co-narrators Tyler Darby, Gregory Salinas, Luke Welland and Keegan Vaillancourt.

UPDATE: We won!

Wave 1 voting links:

Dark Romance: https://bit.ly/SLA23VoteDarkRomance

Romantic Comedy: https://bit.ly/SLA23VoteRomanticComedy

Nominated categories are:

Contemporary Romance

Dark Romance

Romantic Comedy

Romantic Suspense