I had the absolute pleasure (and honor) to be an attending signing narrator at the ALLURE audiobook con this past September in Chicago. It was a wonderful weekend with friends, narrators, authors, listeners and lots of #romance books. AND if that wasn’t cool enough, I got to meet TWO authors, in real life, whose books I narrated! AJ Merlin “Reckless” and “Owned by the Lost Boys“, as well as Melissa Ellen “Honor“. A HUGE THANK YOU to Pink Flamingo Productions for the opportunity be a part of it all!

Prior to ALLURE, I was a guest on the Audiobook Lovin’ Podcast. I had a super fun chat with the Enchantress herself, discussing all the things. Check out her podcast and I hope you give my interview a listen, it was truly a pleasure to be on Viviana’s show!

ALLURE red carpet