February and March 2022

So many great things are happening and the #audiobook new releases keep coming!

The Helpers by Kathy Gilsinan

This #non-fiction book has some incredible stories from the front line of the pandemic. Published with OrangeSky Audio and available for purchase through #chirp. Update! Now available on Amazon.

June by Erik Schubach

This stand alone #fiction book is the 12th in the Music of the Soul series. Fun fact: this is my 30th audiobook I’ve narrated with the super platy awesome Erik Schubach!

Pain and Pleasure by Callie Vincent

Book 2 in the Owned by the Don series! #DarkMafiaRomance

Bonded to the Stryxian and Saved by the Stryxian by Ella Blake

My alter ego, Elle Sonali, narrated these #SciFiRomances with Zachary Johnson through Podium Audio. Listen for more audiobooks in this series coming soon!