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Her Wild Coast Promise by Dakota Davies

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Her Wild Coast Promise

Wild Hearts #6

By Dakota Davies Romance

Narrated by Allyson Voller Audiobook Narrator, Robert Hatchet

I was in the mood for a good romantic suspense and no one can quench my thirst like Dakota Davies. This is book six in her Wild Hearts series, and so many questions are answered in this one! Seth met Cora at his friend Noah’s wedding. Instant chemistry, the two had a great time but were involved with others at the time. Now Seth is in a situation where Cora’s help could be the difference between winning the sheriff election or not. Calling her seems like a good idea, there is no one better at the job and when she agrees, he is thrilled. The chemistry is still there, but honestly, can he fall for his friend’s sister? Cora is taken with Seth, but she decided not to date policemen. Can she resist though? As he works on the murders currently plaguing Garnet Falls, she finds irregularities in his opponents background. And danger is lurking. Will Seth win the election? Will he solve the murders of the women? Will Cora’s help be in vain? And will she be able to resist his charm? This is the perfect mix of romance and suspense, bringing in our favorite characters from previous books in the series. Each chapter builds the passion and tension. The mystery is woven so tight, and took twists and turns so I was all in as it all unraveled. Another fabulous book answering all the questions and making my heart happy.

Allyson Voller and Robert Hatchet are fantastic together. Voller is the strong, smart Cora, bringing her vulnerability to the forefront as she works through her feelings and keeps her ambition on task. Hatchet is Seth, a little hesitant, but incredibly passionate. Together they build the suspense and spice. Loved them together!


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